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Industrial Automation HAT for Raspberry Pi

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Industrial Automation for Raspberry Pi

Industrial Automation card for Raspberry Pi

Stackable to eight layers, the card can be mixed and matched with all our other cards to implement complex Industrial Automation projects. Using only the I2C interface, it leaves all the GPIO pins available for other applications. Pluggable connectors ease field installation and maintenance. The card adds as many industrial applications features as the connector space allows, in a footprint just slightly larger than the Raspberry Pi:

  • Read four sensors with optically isolated, 12 bit 4-20mA inputs, and control four actuators using 4-20mA outputs.
  • Read four sensors with 12-bit 0-10V inputs, and control four actuators with 16 bit PWM 0-10V outputs.
  • Drive four heavy-duty 24VDC/4A loads with MOSFET outputs.
  • Read four optically isolated digital inputs.
  • Program four LEDs to display the state of any digital or analog input or output.
  • Keep time indefinitely during a power failure using the Real-Time Clock with battery backup.
  • Activate the hardware watchdog to monitor and power cycle the Raspberry Pi in case of software lockup.
  • Connect to other sensors and actuators using the RS485 port.
  • Protected for external ESD by TVS diodes on all inputs.
  • Protects from accidental shorts by on-board resettable fuse.


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