DIN-RAIL Kit Type 2
Perpendicular Mount
for Raspberry Pi

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  • Installs Raspberry Pi perpendicular to DIN-Rail
  • Works for all versions from Zero to 4
  • Custom steel plate assures mechanical stability
  • All mounting hardware included


    Raspberry Pi DIN-RAIL Perpendicular Mount

    The DIN-RAIL is a metal rail used for mounting industrial control equipment inside equipment racks. The DIN-RAIL can accommodate power supplies, relays, actuators and many other industrial equipment in a compact and robust form factor.

    The Raspberry Pi DIN-Rail Perpendicular Mount Kit permits installing all versions of Raspberry Pi, from Zero to 4, on a DIN-RAIL. The custom metal brackets screw on the plastic brackets which snap on the DIN-RAIL. On Raspberry Pi and add-on cards can be installed one on each metal bracket. The kit provides very good mechanical stability to any number of add-on cards plugged into the Raspberry Pi.


    One kit contains all the hardware for mounting one Raspberry Pi and one add-on card.  Each additional kit will install two more add-on cards on the DIN-RAIL.  The mounting plate is made out of 0.8mm steel with powder coated finish.

    Raspberry Pi DIN-RAIL Parallel Mount

    For parallel to DIN-Rail installation, see our DIN-RAIL Kit Type 1.


    DIN Rail Kit for Raspberry Pi


    When you purchase the DIN-Rail Kit you will receive the following items:

    1. Two Plastic DIN Rail Brackets with Screws


    DIN Rail Brackets with Screws

    2. Two Custom Steel Plates

    Custom Steel Plates

    Installing the kit is very simple. Install the plastic brackets onto the custom metal brackets using the screws provided. Insert the metal brackets between the Raspberry Pi and the standoffs supporting the add-on card. Plug the add-on card into the Raspberry Pi and snap the plastic brackets onto the DIN-RAIL. To remove the kit press gently on the side tabs of the plastic brackets and tilt the assembly out of the DIN-RAIL.