• 4-TRIACS Expandable Card User's Guide

The 4-TRIACS card is an expansion card for Raspberry Pi.  The card is compatible with all Raspberry Pi versions from Zero to 4.  Pluggable connectors make the card easy to wire to up to four loads of 1A and 250VAC.  Two RS485/MODBUS ports permit the card to be almost unlimited expandable to control large numbers of AC loads.

Equipped with a powerful 32 bit Cortex-M4 CPU running at 84MHz, the card can perform real time DSP and drive the outputs in proportion to frequency separated audio channels.  AC loads are optically isolated from the system ground.

Unlimited number of cards can be daisy-chained on the RS485 ports.  The 4-TRIACS cards share a serial I2C bus using only two of the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins.  This feature leaves the remaining 24 GPIOs available for the user.

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4-TRIACS Expandable Card User's Guide

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