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Raspberry Pi I/O Cards and Accessories for Home, Industrial and Building Automation

Connecting Raspberry Pi to the Real World

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  • Building Automation
    8-Layer Stackable Card
    for Raspberry Pi

    • Eight jumper selectable Universal Inputs
      • 1K or 10K thermistors
      • 0-10V analog inputs
      • Dry contact/counter inputs
    • Four AC Triac Outputs, 0.5A/500V
    • Four 0-10V Outputs
    • 24VAC Power Supply
    • Four General Purpose LEDs
    • RS485 In and Out ports
    • Real Time Clock with Battery Backup
    • Pluggable Connectors
    • Hardware Watchdog
    • Status LEDs on all Digital Inputs and Outputs
    • TVS protection on all inputs
    • On-board resettable fuse
    • Eight Level Stackable
    • Command line, Python drivers
    • Node-Red code examples
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  • Home Automation
    8-Layer Stackable Card
    for Raspberry Pi

    • 32-bit Processor running at 48MHz
    • Eight relays with status LEDs and pluggable connectors
    • Eight layer stackable
    • Eight 12-bit A/D inputs
    • Four 12-bit DAC outputs (0-10V dimmers) or
    • Four open-drain outputs (30V/5.7A MOSFETs)
    • Eight optically isolated digital inputs
    • 30 GPIOs (26 GPIOs from Raspberry Pi + 4 new)
    • On-board hardware watchdog
    • On-board resettable fuse
    • Command line and Python drivers
    • Node-Red source code examples
    • All mounting hardware included: stand-offs, screws and nuts
    • Hardware self-test with included loop-back card
    • Open source hardware and schematics
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