About us

Sequent Microsystems designs and manufactures IO Expansion Cards for Raspberry Pi. We expand the capabilities of Raspberry Pi with analog inputs and outputs (0-3.3V, 0-10V, 4-20mA), optically isolated inputs and outputs, on-board relays, 1K/10K thermistors and RTD sensor inputs, CAN and RS485 communication, MOSFET and TRIAC drivers.

All our cards use reliable and convenient pluggable connectors. Rated 8A/240V, the pluggable connectors offer the most flexible way of implementing Industrial or Home Automation controls. 

Our cards use only the I2C to communicate to the Raspberry Pi, leaving all other pins available for your use. The cards install with high quality brass standoffs, nuts and screws. 

We offer two solutions for DIN-Rail mounting - parallel or perpendicular to the rail. Both options let you stack a large number of cards on top of one Raspberry Pi.

We have all the building blocks for implementing custom IO cards per your specification. OEM inquiries welcome.