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DIY Pool Controller using the Building and Industrial Automation Cards

Home Automation using Sequent Microsystems Cards

I used the Sequent Microsystems boards to make a Node-RED Pool Controller:
I started with one 8-RELAY board, added on another 8-RELAY board, and later added the MEGA-BAS boards to remove an MCP3008 HAT since the BAS board is able to do 0-10V ADC measurements.
The SM products have made it super simple to integrate with the various pressure, flow rate, and pH probes that we use to monitor various parameters of a pool. The built-in RS-485 port makes integrating with heaters and pool pumps super clean as well. No more USB dongles hanging off a Pi. The 24V -> 5V powering of my Pi means I was able to reduce the power sources in my system. The only complaint I've ever had with the boards was lack of a node-red driver and you guys squashed that like 2 years ago.
Also, the developers of nodejs-Pool-Controller have support for SM products as well in their Relay Equipment Manager (REM). I know the main developer of the REM was using the SM boards in his own pool controller so that's saying a lot!

Cliff Campbell


Home Automation using Sequent Microsystems Cards

I retired two years ago from a long career providing engineering support and leadership to the U.S. Navy. When I was a student at Purdue University and working at my home naval base, I had the opportunity to design, build and write code for several computer control systems. I
enjoyed this time but after five years I moved into to project and later organizational management and did not have a chance to continue with these types of efforts.

I decided that I would refresh my skills in retirement and invested in three Raspberry Pi systems and also began writing code in Python. My intent was to create machine control applications with smooth GUIs. After looking at many options for enhancing the Raspberry Pi systems I came across Sequent Microsystems. I first purchased the 4-Relay Plus ver. 1.1. I have used it on several projects including a Christmas light display. I later purchased the Home Automation 8-layer Stackable Card and received a second card at a discounted price. I have expanded my Christmas display code and will use two more cards his year. I am current building a project using the 4-Relay/4-Inputs with multiple servo and step motors.

I find the Sequent Microsystems products to be well constructed, easy to integrate with the Raspberry Pi and also easy to integrate into my Python code. As I continue to expand my development abilities Sequent Microsystems products allow my ideas to become reality. I expect to purchase other products in the coming years and would solidly recommend the products I have used as well as the full line to anyone working on Raspberry Pi I/O and machine control applications.

V/r, Tony Haag