Free 3D Printing Stackable Enclosure for Sequent Microsystems cards for Raspberry Pi

Posted by Mihai Beffa on

The 3D print, stackable enclosure can accommodate up to eight of the following cards, in any combination:

  1. 8-MOSFETS
  2. 8-RELAYS
  3. 8-INPUTS

All of the five cards have identical form factor, with identical connectors. They all have 8 LEDs, in the same location, a general purpose push button and an RS485 port. The cards can be installed in a modular, stackable enclosure which you can print yourself or use one of the many services available. The enclosure, designed by can be installed on a DIN-RAIL in multiple positions. New cards with 4-20mA and 0-10V inputs and outputs will be added soon in the same mechanical format and fitting inside the same enclosure.

DOWNLOAD 3D Printing Enclosure

3D Enclosure for Raspberry Pi


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