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Raspberry Pi I/O Cards for Building Automation

The family of Sequent Microsystems Raspberry Pi I/O Cards for Building Automation starts with the Building Automation HAT, which features: eight universal inputs, jumper selectable to read signals from 1K ot 10K thermistors, 0-10V analog inputs with up to 500KHz sample rate; dry contact or closure counter inputs; eight layer stackable; pluggable connectors for easy field instaellation and maintenance; four TRIAC outputs driving loads of 24VAC and up to 1A; four 0-10V for light dimmers or actuators; RS485 port; Real Time Clock with battery backup; on-board hardware watchdog; resettable fuse; TVS protection on all inputs; Command line, Python, Node-RED, and Codesys drivers; OpenPLC module;

The Building Automation card can be stacked to eight layers and mixed with up to eight each of other cards in the Building Automation family, including RTD data acquisition, cards with three to 16 relays able to switch up to 40A and 240V, inputs reading from 3V to 240V AC or DC signals, up to two stackable fans for cooling, thermistors and thermocouple inputs and more.