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Essential Accessories for Raspberry Pi

Sequent Microsystems Essential Accessories for Raspberry Pi: Three versions of breakout cards with prototype areas; Type 1 with screw mount connectors; Type 2 with spring loaded connectors; Type 3 with pluggable connectors and prototype area for Through Hole and Surface Mount projects; Two versions of DIN-Rail adaptors for horizontal or vertical mounting; Two layer stackable Smart Fan with PWM control for quiet operation; Super-watchdog with Li-Ion battery backup to prevend SD card failure, which can keep the Raspberry Pi running for hours in case of power backouts;

Due to the scarcity of Raspberry Pi lately, we introduced several Raspberry Pi replacements: The Arduino adaptor accepts Uno, Nano, Teensy, Feather or ESP32 processors; The Beagle-Pi convers the Beagle-Bone pins to the Raspberry Pi GPIO, and a full Raspberry Pi substitute using ESP32 has WiFi, a wired Ethernet port, SD-Card and USB port, and a 40 pin GPIO connector identical with Raspberry Pi. All have been tested with the Sequent Microsystems drivers and work with all our cards.