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Pluggable Connectors for Sequent Microsystems cards for Raspberry Pi

Posted by Mihai Beffa on

All our cards use 3.5mm pitch pluggable connectors. They cost more, but they provide a much more convenient way of installing and maintaining the wiring of Raspberry Pi to the outside world. 

All connector plugs are included with our boards, but sometime users need more. The connector plugs we use have the wires coming out horizontally. Connectors with vertical orientation are also available.

Connectors we use are rated 8A/250V. The replacement connectors are rated as follows:

Phoenix Contact: 8A/160V

Amphenol/Wurth: 10A/300V

All connector plugs accept 26AWG to 16AWG wires. 

Here are a few replacement part numbers and product links. This is just for your reference, we did not check all of these parts for compatibility but they seem to fit.

2 Pin Connector Plugs

3 Pin Connector Plugs

4 Pin Connector Plugs

8 Pin Connector Plugs


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