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Revolutionary LoRa Building Automation System from Aero Designs Labs

Posted by Mihai Beffa on

We received the following pictures and description from Jeff Martin, CEO of Aero Design Labs LLC. They built their system using Sequent Microsystems cards.

LoRa Building Automation System from Aero Designs Labs

Room temp is sent wirelessly from the little one in front to the one with the white antenna, which is connected to 
our Cloud software via ethernet.
Commands are sent from the Cloud software, back out through the white antenna, to the Pi stacks which reside within each HVAC unit. The relays control Heat/Cool/Fan/Damper. The 0-10V In / Open/Closed etc report filter loading, door open/closed, etc. 
The one on the right controls Wall Switches, Dimmers, Outlets, etc. through the black antenna. 
No wall thermostats for scheduling, etc. It's on your phone or laptop.
Modified 3D printed enclosure for Raspberry Pi/ Building Automation/8-Relay card:
LoRa Building Automation System using Sequent Microsystems Cards


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