DIN-RAIL Kit Type 1
Parallel Mount
for Raspberry Pi

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  • Installs Raspberry Pi parallel to DIN-Rail
  • Works for all versions of Pi from Zero to 4
  • Adapter plate pattern permits 90% rotation
  • All mounting hardware included


Raspberry Pi DIN-RAIL Parallel Mount

The DIN-RAIL is a metal rail used for mounting industrial control equipment inside equipment racks. The DIN-RAIL can accommodate power supplies, relays, actuators and many other industrial equipment in a compact and robust form factor.

The Raspberry Pi DIN-Rail Parallel Mount Kit permits installing all versions of Raspberry Pi, from Zero to 4, on a DIN-RAIL.  The adaptor plate mounts parallel to the DIN-Rail using custom DIN-RAIL brackets that snap on the rail, and can accommodate one Raspberry Pi and any number of add-on cards.

Installing the kit is straight forward. Install the plastic brackets on the adapter plate using the 4 screws provided. Install the standoffs On the opposite side of the plastic brackets. Now you can install your Raspberry Pi on the standoffs and snap the adapter on the DIN-RAIL. To remove the adapter press gently on the side tabs of the plastic brackets and tilt the adapter out of the DIN-RAIL.

Raspberry Pi DIN-RAIL Perpendicular Mount

For perpendicular to DIN-Rail installation see our DIN-Rail Kit Type 2 which offers mechanical stability to any number of cards stacked on top of Raspberry Pi.


When you purchase the DIN-Rail Kit you will receive the following items:

1. Two Plastic DIN Rail Brackets with Screws

DIN Rail Kit for Raspberry Pi

2. PCB Adapter Plate with standoffs, nuts and screws

 DIN Rail Kit for Raspberry Pi