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DIN-RAIL Kit Type1 Parallel Mount for Raspberry Pi

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  • DIN-RAIL Kit Type 1 Parallel Mount for Raspberry Pi
  • Installs Raspberry Pi parallel to DIN-Rail
  • Works for all versions of Pi from 1 to 5
  • Adapter plate pattern permits 90% rotation
  • All mounting hardware included
  • DIN-RAIL Kit Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi DIN-RAIL Parallel Mount
The DIN-RAIL is a metal rail used for mounting industrial control equipment inside equipment racks. The DIN-RAIL can accommodate power supplies, relays, actuators and many other industrial equipment in a compact and robust form factor.
The Raspberry Pi DIN-Rail Parallel Mount Kit permits installing all versions of Raspberry Pi, from Zero to 4, on a DIN-RAIL.  The adaptor plate mounts parallel to the DIN-Rail using custom DIN-RAIL brackets that snap on the rail, and can accommodate one Raspberry Pi and any number of add-on cards.
Installing the kit is straight forward. Install the plastic brackets on the adapter plate using the 4 screws provided. Install the standoffs On the opposite side of the plastic brackets. Now you can install your Raspberry Pi on the standoffs and snap the adapter on the DIN-RAIL. To remove the adapter press gently on the side tabs of the plastic brackets and tilt the adapter out of the DIN-RAIL.
Raspberry Pi DIN-RAIL Perpendicular Mount
For perpendicular to DIN-Rail installation see our DIN-Rail Kit Type 2 which offers mechanical stability to any number of cards stacked on top of Raspberry Pi.



When you purchase the DIN-Rail Kit you will receive the following items:
1. Two Plastic DIN Rail Brackets with Screws
2. PCB Adapter Plate with standoffs, nuts and screws

Customer Reviews

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harvey mushman
Easy To Install

I recomend this DIN Rail kit for anyone that needs to mount their RPs. All the parts you need are included except the DIN Rail itself. THe DIN Rail Clips are easy to snap into place and when needed, just as easy to remove the Pi from the rail.

Best way to mount Raspberry Pi on a DIN Rail

The adapter board has 2 sets of holes for the DIN Rail clips. You can install the Pi parallel to the DIN Rail, but you can chose to mount it along the rail or across it. Clever design.

Very Good Products.

another qualitiful PI.

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