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Raspberry Pi I/O Cards for Home Automation

Our selection of Raspberry Pi I/O Cards for Home Automation starts with the Home Automation Card, which has eight 12 bit A/D inputs for read room temperatures using external 10K thermistors; eight relays for sprinkler control or zone heating and cooling; four 0-10V outputs for light dimmers; four PWM 24V/4A outputs for various actuators; eight opto-isolated inputs for proximity sensors or security switches; RS485 port for communication with other Home Security equipment; 1-Wire port can read up to 32 DS18B20 temperature sensors;  Wardware watchdog performs a power reset of the Raspberry Pi in case of software lockup; Opto-isolated inputs can be used to read quadrature encoders or as event counters. Pluggable connectors for easy field installation.

Add more relays, inputs and outputs, parallel or perpendicular DIN-Rail mounts, smart fan and other accessories using other cards from the same family. Heavy duty relays can be used to switch large loads like pool pumps and 3-phase motors.

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