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Sequent Microsystems Best Sellers

Sequent Microsystems Best Sellers start with the three \"Swiss Army Knife\" cards for Home, Building, and Home Automation. Packed with features, these cards have a form factor slightly larger than the Raspberry Pi (just 2mm on each side) to accommodate all the pluggable connectors required to implement all the features. Analog inputs and outputs reading and setting 0-10V and 4-20mA signals, optically isolated inputs reading quadrature encoders, contact closures or event counters, relays switching loads from 2A to 40A and from 24V to 240V. TVS protection on all inputs, hardware watchdogs, RTC clocks with battery backup, RS485/MODBUS and 1-Wire communication. Software support includes Command Line, Python, Node-RED native nodes, Codesys and OpenPLC modules.

Other members of the family are RTD and Thermocouple Data Acquisition HATs, low and high voltage optically isolated, AC or DC inputs, 8 to 16 Relay HATs and more. All cards can be stacked to 8 layers and can be mixed in almost any combination.