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Industrial Automation Downloads

Hardware Schematic VER2

Hardware Schematic VER3

2D CAD Drawing

3D STEP File V3.2

User's Guide VER2

User's Guide VER3

User's Guide VER3.2

Command Line

Python Library

Node-Red nodes

MODBUS interface


RoHS and REACH Compliance Declaration

Eight layer stackable, the Industrial Automation Card has four optically isolated digital inputs; four 0-10V or ±10V analog inputs, four optically isolated 4-20mA inputs, four optically isolated PWM open drain outputs driving 24V/4A loads, four 0-10V analog outputs, four 4-20mA outputs with load interruption detection, four general purpose LEDs, TVS protection on all inputs, RS485 Port, 1-Wire interface, hardware watchdog, real time clock with battery backup. Pluggable connectors permit convenient field installation and maintenance.

The Industrial Automation Card can be stacked up to eight layers, and can be mixed and matched with up to eight cards from the Industrial Automation family, including RTD data acquisition, cards with three to 16 relays able to switch up to 40A and 240V, inputs reading from 3V to 240V AC or DC signals, up to two stackable fans for cooling, thermistors and thermocouple inputs and more.

Program four LEDs to display the state of any digital or analog input or output.

Keep time indefinitely even during a power failure using the Real-Time Clock with battery backup. Activate the hardware watchdog to monitor and power cycle the industrial Raspberry Pi in case of software lockup. TVS diodes on all inputs protect the card for external ESD. Onboard resettable fuse protects it from accidental shorts.

Heavy loads of up to 8A and 250VAC can be driven by adding one or more 4-RELAYS cards. High DC loads of up to 10A and 250V, with fast response time and unlimited endurance can be driven by adding one or more 8-MOSFET cards.